Why Feel Better Fast?

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You cannot begin to explain ADHD if you do not understand how it is affecting you!

No really, I was not able to work through my personal problems until I admitted to myself that ADHD was playing a huge role in my life.

There is a whole story here - but basically, I had a meltdown after my son was born.

Everything I had been trying to hide came bubbling up to the surface.

Throughout my 20's I tried to hide:

  • my disorganization
  • my inability to plan and prioritize
  • feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • lack of self-worth/self-esteem
  • poor body image
  • negative beliefs about my value as a human
  • underlying depression and anxiety
  • all of the CHAOS in my mind

I was diagnosed around age 11, but until I started researching myself as an adult (and talking to a therapist) I didn't realize that ADHD had become my achilles heal.

This diagnosis has affected the entire trajectory of my life, and if I didn't pull myself together it would affect my ability to be the mom/wife/friend I wanted to be.

So I started a community that I love. And I have big plans for us!

I began to research mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, and all types of self-help.

Oh and I stalked all of the ADHD Experts I could find.

I started this program so that I could share what I learned with my community.

I am humbled, flattered...all the words that you have chosen to work with me.

We are stronger together.



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